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Pet Rabbit Nest Solid Wood Fence Wooden Branch

Pet Rabbit Nest Solid Wood Fence Wooden Branch

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Elevate your pet's playtime with our Pet Rabbit Nest, crafted from solid wood and designed for the ultimate climbing and exploring experience. Perfect for rabbits, Dutch pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, and more, this nest features a wooden branch platform and climbing ladder, providing endless fun and exercise opportunities.

Installation is easy with a screwdriver (electric screwdriver recommended for added convenience), but please note that it requires a bit of strength. If you're not comfortable with manual work or assembly, it's best to take caution when placing your order.

Available in three sizes to suit your pet's needs:

- **Small**: Platform: 21cm*20cm, Fence: 8cm high, Climbing ladder: 7.5cm*14cm, Weight: about 480g
- **Medium**: Platform: 31cm*21cm, Fence: 8cm high, Climbing ladder: 10cm*20cm, Weight: about 750g
- **Large**: Platform: 39cm*28cm, Fence: 8cm high, Climbing ladder: 14cm*21cm, Leg height: 12cm, Weight: about 1200g (includes two legs)

Please note that due to handmade craftsmanship, there may be slight variations in size and weight. The color beads are dyed with edible coloring, ensuring safety for your pet. However, washing may cause color loss.

Treat your furry friend to hours of fun and exploration with our Pet Rabbit Nest. Safe, non-toxic, and designed with their enjoyment in mind, it's the perfect addition to any pet lover's home.

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